A longer-term perspective is only one of the major tenets of achieving investment returns that match personal investment objectives. Whether advising a client receiving a significant lump sum payment (inheritance, selling a business or a divorce settlement) or for your own personal financial planning, being literate in financial matters is essential.

The course is comprised of two parts:

1. An introduction to the basic principles of investment, an outline of suitable financial firms and their services, their roles and function and a guide to proper due diligence when selecting the appropriate financial firm and specific assets, and;

2. A case study—The proper process of negotiating a lump sum settlement from a divorce.

The course is aimed to provide lawyers with a basic level of financial literacy to better serve their clients. The presentation addresses:

1) What is financial literacy?

2) Why is it important?

3) And who can assist?

The course is 60 minutes long.

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Course Information

Course Name: Financial Literacy

Presenter: Craig Chapman

Language: English

Number of CPD Credits: 1

Credit Location: Law firm’s office

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