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There is more to investing than just numbers. ChapmanCraig takes investing to a personal level by working with clients to assess their financial position and objectives.


When investing with ChapmanCraig, clients are getting more than just conventional investment advice. The relationships we create with our clients are hinged on three fundamental elements, allowing trusting and profitable partnerships to develop.


Clients have access to the senior managers and a large network of leading and experienced professionals, ensuring the financial and investment advice we give them is based on a thorough understanding of their changing life circumstances.


Investment accounts are generally segregated portfolios. All portfolios benefit from analysis by the in-house industry experts and outstanding portfolio managers at Letko, Brosseau & Associates Inc., to generate strong long-term financial performance.


Clients have a clear understanding of every action we take with their money thanks to the transparency provided by world-class custodian banks. Clients receive monthly statements from us as well as directly from the third-party custodian banks.

The Right Tools for the Right Job

The services we provide differentiate us from other investment advisors in Asia, allowing trusting and profitable relationships to develop.


Wealth Management

We work closely with our clients to develop personalized wealth management plans that address long-term objectives while providing asset protection and meeting income requirements.

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Vintage Wine Portfolios

ChapmanCraig builds bespoke fine wine collections for private collectors. Wines chosen for each collection reflect each client’s objectives (investment or mix of investment and ultimate consumption) and preferences. We act as an independent advisor and manager.

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Our Testimonials

Our clients entrust us with discretionary investment authority, often over a significant portion of their savings. The security and performance of those assets and the personal relationships that we have with our clients are our top priorities.

Craig was introduced to me around the time that he set up his business in Hong Kong many years ago now. I've been working with him since then and he's now looking after all my investments. I've seen the relationship grow to one of trusted adviser and I've been very happy with the level of service and the returns that my portfolio has generated. He's always been keen to ensure that my portfolio matches my requirements and as I move towards retirement he has proactively encouraged me to prepare for that and to work out how I should fund that part of my life. Overall I'd highly recommend Craig for anyone looking for a personalised level of service that is not pushy but focuses on making the right decisions at the right time.PartnerAllen & Overy

After a run of bad investments, I started working with ChapmanCraig Limited (and its predecessor) in 2000. They have helped restore my confidence in the financial markets and take the strain and worry out of long-term financial planning. Their practical advice and sound investment strategy have turned me from a “deer in the head lights” to a confident investor. During the 16 years I have been working with ChapmanCraig Limited, they have assisted me in thinking about the key issues I need to address for my long-term financial security and have steadily grown my capital to provide that security. With their regular reporting and independent custody arrangements, I am comfortable my assets are in good hands and their strategic investment approach has paid off even in times of market volatility and uncertainty.
PartnerBaker & McKenzie

I have worked with Craig and the team for the last 15 years. During that time, they have provided excellent advice and support in building our diversified investment portfolio, maintaining good growth over the long term and weathering the inevitable storms, crises and globally disruptive events which impact all our investments. Personalized strategic financial planning, excellent service and responsiveness are the hallmarks of ChapmanCraig’s offeringPartnerBaker & McKenzie

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