This year our firm is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Between the mid-1990’s and now much has changed — digital transformations, technological advances, shifts of global economic and political power, effects of globalization on all societies, as well as the current COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the many dramatic and stark changes, the principles and fundamentals of wealth management remain not only intact but as important and relevant than ever.

More than 20 years ago, we wrote a series of articles for publications addressed to accounting and legal professionals. Our aim was to help educate high-level professionals, some of whom did not have time to manage their own personal investments and financial planning and therefore lacked practical knowledge. Others may have worked with an advisor but did not fully understand what their advisors did nor how their investments were managed.

Two recent experiences led us to update these articles, with an eye to investing in the post-COVID era. First, we met a handful of people who were recently divorced or had sold their businesses and now have to look after their personal finances, investments and financial planning on their own. Second, many of our clients have children, who are now young adults, and who would benefit from a basic financial/investment education because one day they will inherit significant wealth requiring proper management.

This series of articles address the basics of financial planning and investments, with topics ranging from how to choose the right financial advisor, to the impact of currency fluctuations and understanding how your investments are actually held (e.g., who is the custodian). Another series will focus more on estate planning, with topics ranging from wills related issues, how you hold your assets, tax planning and protecting assets from various risks.

We look forward to sharing the insights we have gained over the years working with our clients and their families.

We started our business by assisting clients to diversify their investment assets globally; but over the years we evolved into a multi-family office providing financial planning for senior professionals and entrepreneurs having sold their businesses. Our services include assisting with asset allocation decisions and referring clients to appropriate specialist advisors such as tax and estate planning professionals and health insurance consultants. For some clients, we also offer a general, independent assessment of investment opportunities that they are considering.

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